Setup and Start a local Wildfly Server

Following I want to explain to you, how you install and start your Wildlfy Server on Windows.

This server is a good alternativ for an Application Server which harmonizes good with Java EE Applications.

So let´s bring it on and get it started:

Downloading and Installing the Wildfly Application Server

As precondition you have to have an installed and running JDK.

From the Official Wildfly Download Homepage we download Wildfly.
For me I download the .zip Directory and for safety be sure you download a final Release Version.
Of course you can download any other Version, but they can be buggy in some points.

After you have downloaded the .zip, right click on it and extract it in a folder of your local storage you want.
For example the C:\ directory.

So thats it…
After you have done this you should have a directory which looks similar to this:

The created folder contains a few more directories and files

That´s all you have to do for installing the wildfly to your local storage.

Start the Wildfly Application Server

Open the following directory

<your upper directories>\wildfly-10.1.0.Final\bin

In this directory you´ll find a standalone.bat.

That´s exactly what we want to do. We want to start the Wildfly Server in Standalone Mode.
Double click the .bat and a console with a lot of output will appeare.
After all the output has finished, the last line of the console should be something like:

WUHU! You have successfully installed and started your local Wildfly Application Server. Congrats!

Now open your Browser, and open


and watch the beautiful Hello Page of your Widlfly.

Add a user to your Wildfly Application Server

If you click now on the link “Administration Console” you won´t be able to enter your Application Server. But why?
Have we done something wrong?
No panic, everything is just fine. There is just a user for your Application Server missing. So let´s create this user.

In the directory, in which your standalone.bat is, there is a add-user.bat.

Start this one now and another console will come up.
Following I´ll give you a Quick-Guide for the required properties

  • Type of user: Management User (insert a)
  • Username: specify your username
  • Password: your password, following the password recommendations
  • Groups which the user should belong to: just press Enter
  • Answer the following questions with yes

That´s all. Now just refresh your browser, click on “Administration Console”, and enter the credentials of your just created user and you´ll se the Administration Dashboard of your Application Server.

So thanks for reading and have fun using Wildfly Application Server.

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