Install Spring Boot CLI


Before we start with the Spring Boot CLI we need to download it from the Spring Boot Repository. Please get the latest Release and download it as the .zip Directory. 


After you the Download has finished, please extrach the .zip Directory to a directory of your choice. For example:

C:\Program Files\spring-2.0.1.RELEASE

System Variable

Now we want to create the environment variable we need.

Navigate to the system variables and add the directory of our Spring Boot CLI in the system variable SPRING_HOME

Path Variable

After you have accomplished this, please open your Path variable of your system variables. Click modify and add a new entry to your Path Variable in which we navigate to the bin directory of the Spring Boot directory.



That´s it !!


Now you can open a Command Line Interface in which you can check your installation by typing

spring --version

(In some cases you need to restart your Computer)


Thanks for reading and have fun using the Spring Boot CLI.

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